This is the logo of Hiddo Frericks' studio, called Rockfish Recording and Mixing Studio. It's a recording studio, or Opnamestudio in Dutch, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Bands, musicians and artists are welcome to visit the studio if they want their song, EP or Full-Length Album to be recorded and/or mixed. Besides being a recording-engineer and a mixing-engineer, Hiddo is a composer of music, scores and soundscapes as well.






From his Utrecht-based (NL) Studio, Hiddo has mixed and recorded Dutch and international bands and artists, in styles ranging from jazz to metal. With a background as a professional guitarist, he knows what works well in a band, in a song, or in a mix.

While being primarily focused on mixing, he's more than willing to record a band in any suitable space or in any other studio. In many cases, this service is only used to record drums, with all other instruments and vocals then recorded in the relaxed environment at Rockfish Headquarters.

So, if you're ready to take your recordings or mix to the next level, get in touch!



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